A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

We Won’t Go: JDLand continues with diligent updates on Near Southeast’s fight to stay in Ward 6. A band of concerned residents has been laying it on thick, asking elected officials to leave them out of the redistricting process. From JDLand’s extensive coverage: “…The ANC quickly voted unanimously to support the resolution to keep all of 6D in Ward 6. Near Southeast commissioner David Garber has been tweeting his visit to the Wilson Building today to deliver the resolution and a 200-plus-signature petition, saying that Jim Graham told him that Near Southeast is ‘not in play’ and that Mary Cheh‘s office assured him that ‘she supports keeping Near Southeast in Ward 6.’ (Cheh had made this known last week, when she told Tommy Wells to make the calls from concerned Near Southeast residents stop.)”

Angry Neighbors: A screed on The Hill is Home entitled “Don’t Call My Neighborhood Ghetto!” has inspired fits of comments on just how visitors to Capitol Hill should be treated. The post details an encounter with a rude visitor with Maryland license plates (in a BMW, no less), and though commenters agree that “ghetto” shouldn’t be used to describe Capitol Hill, there is dissent on the behavior of the author of the post. One commenter says, “This writing is tinged with the very resentment that is poisoning parts of Capitol Hill. The neighborhood is changing and screaming out of your window at drunk idiots in BMWs isn’t going to solve anything. Everyone on the Hill seems to have earned a masters degree in complaining but failed their course on problem solving. Rather than airing your displeasure and chastizing someone for using the word ghetto, perhaps youshould be happy that the girl was leaving the neighborhood rather than coming home to the neighborhood. It was rude of her to say, but I really don’t see the point in writing about it. It accomplishes nothing and just makes you sound, well, angry.”

An Englishman in LeDroit Park, Update: Left for LeDroit covers Prince Charles’ visit to the neighborhood with a slideshow of photographs. The prince appeared to enjoy himself.

Brookland, ISO: “I’m trying to find three white mens’ lab coats (L or XL), preferably used. Anyone have any suggestions for where I might find them? I’ve just checked out five different large thrift stores and didn’t find any,” writes one member of the Brookland email list. Another has an almost, but not quite, useful suggestion: “Try the Thrift Store on South Dakota Ave NE..near the NY Ave ramp….i took a white lab coat there on Saturday (5/7)…the size, I believe, was XL.” (Word to the wise: When Washington City Paper bought lab coats for a video, we found some at Jimmie Muscatello’s Uniform Center on Rhode Island Avenue NE.)