Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger poses for his official portrait at the Capitol on Wednesday, July 12, 2006. John Decker/Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s not real popular inside his own home right now. But he’s still got a place in the White House.

Well, in the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, at least.

He’s had that spot for years, actually. Among the anti-drug literature long available on the ONDCP’s website is a roster of what is headlined “Street/Slang Terms for Steroids.”

And atop a list that includes “gym candy,” “pumpers” and “stackers,” you’ll find “Arnolds.”

Several years ago I asked the Drug Enforcement Agency, which also put its own anti-steroids public-awareness campaign that included warnings about “Arnolds” if the bastard language was indeed the offspring of Schwarzenegger and the drug use that birthed his bodybuilding and, therefore, his political careers.


“Arnold bei

ng so big—big as far as recognition is concerned—in the bodybuilding community, that’s the term that bodybuilders in Southern California used for steroids,” DEA spokesman Douglas S. Collier told me. “Now, everybody in that community knows what ‘juice’ is—what ‘gym candy,’ ‘stackers,’ and, yes, what ‘Arnolds’ is. Those are universal now.”

That ain’t the greatest legacy for a guy with Schwarzenegger’s political ambitions.

But at least it doesn’t cost him child support.

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