The man busted for stabbing Redskins kick returner Brandon Banks has been arrested, again. Jason Dacosta Shorter, who is facing an assault with a dangerous weapon charge for allegedly plunging a knife into Banks and his friend Christopher Nixon during an altercation outside a club in February, is scheduled to be arraigned on a separate charge today: Carrying a pistol without a license.

On Tuesday, Shorter, who’d been released on his own recognizance following the alleged stabbing, was arrested again when cops found a Smith and Wesson handgun tucked into his glove box, say court records.

Police say they pulled Shorter’s 2004 Acura over on Harewood Drive NE after they spotted him doing about 65 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone. Afterward, Shorter consented to a search of his vehicle, at which point cops found the gun, along with eight rounds of ammunition.

Shorter was scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on the stabbing charge yesterday, but couldn’t make it because he was in lock-up for the gun arrest.

Shorter’s lawyers, Barry Coburn and Kristin McGough couldn’t say much about his new case. “He hasn’t been charged, ” points out McGough, but they explain that they are working out a new hearing date for the stabbing case with a judge.

The trial, if it ever gets underway, will be interesting, as there are a number of competing narratives concerning what happened between Shorter and the Redskins player.