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The surviving member of a team of masked robbers that allegedly invaded a home rented by Catholic University students has pleaded guilty. Stefan Fields admits that he and two other friends busted into the house in Brookland in February looking for money and marijuana. In the end, police arrested Fields and shot his two cohorts. An agreement struck with prosecutors on May 12 says Fields has pleaded to one count of burglary while armed and one count of robbery while armed.

Court documents connected to the plea reveal new details about the harrowing event. Fields, Dayvhonne Sealy, and Akeem Cayo entered 1011 Irving Street NE through an unlocked front door. Sealy and Cay wielded hand guns, while Fields toted an assault rifle. “Once inside the house, Mr. Cayo, Mr. Sealey and the Defendant ordered eight of the victims to lay on the ground and turn over their wallets and cell phones,” say papers.

Though the raiding party quickly subdued everyone downstairs, they missed those upstairs, giving two visitors to the house a chance to hide in a closet and call 911. Though the crew eventually found them and put them with the others, the cops were on their way.

“During the course of the incident, the Defendant, Mr. Cayo, and Mr. Sealey alternated the responsibility of watching the victims and searching the house. The person assigned with the duty of watching the victims generally held the assault rifle, while the other two subjects searched the house.”

Fields would later tell police that they were looking for the stash of a drug dealer he called “the weed man.” Police haven’t given any official clues as to whether the weed man exists or who he might be.

“Approximately 15-20 minutes after they entered the house, the suspects saw officers of the Metropolitan Police Department arriving on the scene.” Panic set in. The three began running around the house, peeking through windows, trying to figure out if the cops had surrounded them.

As if they were in the middle of some trite action flick, they decided to make a run for it. “The defendant hid the assault rifle in the house, and the three suspects gathered near the front door of the house. After giving a quick countdown, the three suspects opened the front door and ran out of the house.”

Fields watched his colleagues get picked off. He followed Cayo down the front steps and “heard gunfire.” Cayo collapsed. Fields turned to the right and followed Sealey toward the backyard. “The defendant heard more gunfire, and he dropped to the ground and surrendered himself to the police.” Sealey had been fatally shot, too. Calls placed to Fields’ lawyer weren’t returned.

Charging documentssaythat Cayo exchanged gunfire with the police after bursting out the front door, implying the three were attempting to shoot their way out. Fields will be sentenced on August 1.

Photo of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, located adjacent to the Catholic University of America, by Gore Fiendus (Jerry Frausto) using an Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license