A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Siamese Cats Only: Yet another feline of the Siamese persuasion has gone missing in Georgetown. A message on the neighborhood email list is in search of ‘Shadow,’ our second newly-adopted mixed Siamese cat…Shadow is a 7+-year-old neutered male with “lynx”-type markings on his face, ears and tail. His coat is medium-length stippled light beige. He is friendly, people-oriented and answers to his name.” Shadow was used to living large, writes his owner: “We think he slipped out early on Tuesday morning. In his former life, he was accustomed to spending his days outside and sleeping indoors at night. We had hoped he would return on his own, but he has not. He was so newly-arrived, that we had not even acquired an ID tag for him.”

Lesser Caribbean: Last Friday, the Takoma email list sought answers to whether the annual Caribbean Day parade would be canceled or see its route shortened this year. The Brightwoodian investigates: “I got in touch with the festival organizers, who confirmed that the parade will indeed begin at Kansas Avenue this year. Big loss for Brightwood and Brightwood Park!” Perhaps some residents are happy with the prospect of one less noisy and festive summer day, but a blog commenter says, “This is the first year we’ve lived two blocks away from the route and I was looking forward to it!”

Pocket Minibike Racing, Perhaps? A member of the New Hill East email list, who identifies as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, asks the group, “The Waker Foundation sent a proposal for ‘Drag Racing’ in Kingman Park at RFK. I have chatted with most of the neighbors on Oklahoma Ave and they are opposed of this project. If everyone can email or call me and let know your thoughts on the proposed “Drag Racing” that would be beneficial!” Though there is no outright rejection of the idea, another member says, “since when is drag racing an issue in the city?  Although pocket minibikes do bug me…”

Burleith Problems: One member of the Burleith email list inquires, “Does anyone know anything about the retrograded “school bus” that has taken up residency at the park at wisconsin and 35th? It has been there several days, and it appears to be setting up a mobile camp ground of sorts. We are not sure about zoning, etc., and before calling 311 wanted to see if anyone has already done so or knows more.” No other members of the list have offered information on this potential resurrection of Ken Kesey‘s Merry Pranksters.