A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Art Deco Offensive: Brookland’s got a shiny new sign, reports Brookland Avenue. The sign, at 12th Street and Rhode Island Avenue NE, “gives a new breadth to this corner which lately is known for the frequent recurring yard sale and in the past was the site of a horrific car accident.” Commenters generally approve of the newest addition to the neighborhood: “Maybe Taxi drivers will believe there is a 12th and Rhode Island now. ‘Yes thats in DC! Its near the big Brookland sign,'” says one. Of the Art Deco-esque designs that flank the sign’s letters, another commenter says, “Looks a bit too much like double middle fingers to me. The CVS on 12th Street NE has this same problem. Is a hand giving the middle finger the unofficial logo of Brookland?” A third disagrees, saying “I like it. When I drove by it this weekend I had to ask my wife if it was new or not. I thought maybe it had always been but covered by rugs from the perpetual yard sale. I can’t quite see the middle finger thing, unless maybe you have a hand with five fingers and a thumb. It’s very clearly Art Deco.”

Tough Schooling: Park View D.C. reports a very detailed update on the state of Bruce Monroe and the Park View School: “In a meeting at the Wilson Building late on Friday afternoon (5/20/11), Deputy Mayor for Education De’Shawn Wright announced that the District would be moving forward with the modernization of the Park View School and had no plans to build a new school on the Bruce-Monroe site, which will continue being used as a community park for the immediate future.” A few commenters are in favor of the decision: “Thats the way it should have always been, don’t know why it took so long. I hope they get those funds sooner” and “This is good news. And financially, the best use of the city’s resources,” they write. But another is less than thrilled. “And the kids lose again in favor of developers. Not a fan at all of this decision. My neighbors are going to be devastated,” they say.

Park and Shop: The Brightwoodian picks up on The Examiner‘s reporting that Wegman’s might be coming to the Walter Reed site: “Last month, when I first heard that Mayor Gray was meeting withWegmans to discuss possible DC locations, I wondered if the Walter Reed site would factor into the conversation. Freeman Klopott and Liz Farmer at the Examiner report that it is indeed under serious consideration.” Though Wegman’s, nearly the pinnacle of grocery stores (whose closest location is in Lanham), is a highly desired occupant for the District—one commenter on The Brightwoodian wrote “woo hoo!”—the Washington Post‘s Jonathan O’Connell reported on Twitter that the company would require “mucho parking.” No doubt this will dial down any excitement ratcheted up with the urbanist set.

Cleveland Park, ISO: The Cleveland Park email list is one of the largest and most active in the city, hence the number of times the members’ requests have been featured in this series of blog posts. But yesterday’s daily digest of the email list’s conversations yielded an unexpectedly high number of “In Search Of” messages. Among the number of objects, goods, and services sought by members were a “skilled carpenter,” “auto cleaning/detailing,” a “reliable used car,” a “local appliance timer repair shop,” “two equestrian helmets, and one stroller and child car seat,” “someone to power wash, stain, seal deck/fence,” “nice heavy old bookcases,” “recommendations for printer,” and “specialty dry cleaner for formal dress.”