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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Historically Accurate: Everyone’s talking about Swampoodle—the neighborhood and the play co-produced by Ireland’s The Performance Corporation and D.C.’s Solas Nua at the Uline Arena. Frozen Tropics has put up several posts on the subject, and recently linked to DCist’s review (you can find City Paper‘s own here, if you’re so inclined.) The Hill is Home wrote a few words, and the NoMa blog has a charming little history of the neighborhood as it relates to the play. (Bonus! There’s a scan of someone’s old diary.)

Not Molly: From a highly concerned member of the ANC 6A email list came this broadcast on Tuesday morning: “The cutest little dog is at the Kentucky Avenue Safeway right now. She’s clearly lost, and wet from the rain last night. She keeps trying to get in the store and they keep shooing her out. She is a small terrier type dog, salt and pepper fur, faded pink collar and a faded striped flea collar too. She is very affectionate and immediately came to me when I called. She tried to get in my car and if I didn’t have to go into the office today, I’d bring her home! I hope someone claims her soon. I think the security guard is probably going to call the shelter.” There’s been no word on whether the dog made it to a good home.

Pour One Out: In a roundup of neighborhood updates, coverage, and events in Near Southeast, JDLand included notice of a “community cookout” to be held by Harry’s Reserve Wine and Spirits, which will include “free ‘high-end’ beverage tastings in addition to grilled offerings. The owners also want to pass along that they’re getting fresh shipments of a variety of cheeses this week, and that they now have 800 beers in stock.” One commenter takes offense to the use of “high-end,” squawking, “For the love of all that is holy, will you stop referring to these beverage tastings as ‘high-end?’ What else are they gonna be? Low-end servings of Colt 45? It’s like you and the liquor store are deathly afraid of being accused of contributing to the return of the unwanted folk. Just stop it already.” But JD steps in with an important grammatical clarification: “It’s in quotes. I am quoting what they’re calling it, and in fact put in quote marks to specifically make clear that that’s *not* what I’m calling it. But I’d be happy to buy you a Colt 45 if it would lessen the stress and strain you’re obviously feeling.”

Send a Signal: From the Petworth email list comes this friendly request: “Dear neighbors, I’m conducting a survey of the bat population of Petworth.  Have any of you had problems with a bat roost in your house?  Have any of you noticed bats living in the neighborhood?  If so, I’d like to talk to you.”