In April, Lydia DePillis explored the method used to restock Bikeshare stations. At that time, keeping bikes balanced around the city depended on only a man and a van. But now, Capital Bikeshare members can be a part of the fun!

A press release from Bikeshare, out today, introduces a “Reverse Rider Rewards” contest, in which members who ride from “typically full” to “typically empty” stations between June 1 and August 31 earn points. The adventurous CaBi rider with the most points at the end of the summer will have their membership extended by a year.

Bikeshare gives a nod to its members, whose frequent suggestions (or complaints) that stations aren’t rebalanced frequently enough inspired the contest:

Inspired by the suggestions of many of our members, this contest aims to provide an incentive to pitch in and help rebalance the system by giving away fabulous prizes to the people who rack up the most points. Like the brave little salmon swimming upstream, you can be a hero by helping our team’s redistribution efforts to provide bicycles when you need them and docking spaces when you don’t.

Photo by Lydia DePillis