With sizzling sun on tap for Memorial Day, D.C.’s political media is turning its thoughts poolside.

And no, that’s not because Thursday’s massive recall on pool drains—issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission—threatened to chase swimmers away from pools faster than a wayward Baby Ruth bar. Thankfully, local watering holes are safe.

“So far, we’re not affected by this in the District,” says John Stokes, a spokesman for D.C.’s Department of Parks and Recreation. DPR’s “aquatic teams” (no word on whether or not Arthur Curry is a member of said teams) will be monitoring the drains going forward.

The local press corps has its eyes on the water for another reason: Mayor Vince Gray will officially open the pools Friday at noon. And with the opening comes an important choice.

Will he take the plunge? Cannonball Watch 2011 is on.

Gray’s predecessor Adrian Fenty declined to take part in the mayoral leap, an annual tradition of the Anthony Williams administration. The Post’s Mike DeBonis called that decision a fitting indication of Fenty’s dry personality.

“The refusal to do the yearly cannonball was in retrospect an early and obvious sign of Fenty’s aloofness,” he tweeted.

NBC 4’s Tom Sherwood—once Fenty’s hand-picked choice to take the dive in his stead—wondered who will replace Gray if the mayor decides to keep his shirt on.

“I suggest the 13 council members, synchronized,” he offered.

After Thursday’s contentious redistricting hearing, don’t bet on any synchronized swimming. The councilmembers would probably be dunking each other instead.

We’ll update this post to let you know if Gray decides to jump. One warning sign: His public schedule says he will “offer remarks, cut ribbon,” but mentions nothing at all about taking a swim.

Photo by Matt Dunn