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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Herbs in Demand: Cleveland Park isn’t the only neighborhood plagued by a renegade plant thief. “Dear Petworth Neighbors, I wanted to make you aware of a very disturbing incident that happened in my yard on the 100 block of Ingraham Street, NW,” writes one member of that neighborhood’s email list. “This morning I discovered that someone came into my yard and removed all of my herbs. These were extremely large plants of Sage, Oregano, Thyme, Tarragon, Rosemary just to name a few. I am sure they would have taken my potted perennials if they had been in site.  This is someone who knew what they were taking and the value of the plants. They used proper tools to remove the plants with the roots intact. Please take care to secure your surrounds and be mindful as you start your beautification projects this year.”

Birds Are Neighbors, Too: Speaking of Cleveland Park, that email list is almost as concerned with its avian friends as it is with locating a slew of goods and services: “There is a robin’s next near our porch and this morning a crow attacked the nest and a surviving baby fell out of the nest. I picked her up and put her back in the nest, but I haven’t seen the parents go back to the nest yet but I think they are nearby (it’s been 3 hours; I haven’t been hovering but when I do check the nest is unattended). If it still looks unattended tomorrow, is there anything I should do? Is it likely the parents have abandoned the nest after such a tragic event? Any advice is appreciated,” writes a member. Another recommends, “It is difficult to keep crows from preying on nestlings and fledglings! Friendship Hospital has been instrumental in establishing City Wildlife, a wildlife rehabilitation non-profit in DC.”

Magic Words: Just as swiftly as it was ticketed, the mystery truck of Takoma came back to occupy a different spot in the neighborhood. To neighbors distressed by the truck’s presence, a member of the Takoma email list suggested, “Abgla abgly alfard aisy. Pater noster pater noster pater noster. It’s a medieval spell for removing warts, but who knows — it might work on a truck…” The truck was eventually re-ticketed and presumably moved. Another list member celebrated with still more poetry: “It’s gone! Like a silver streak. You came. And then you went. Darken not our fair corner again.”

The Water Always Smells Better in Other Cities: “Nearing the end of May and still getting that sulfuric, god-awful smelling tap water from city’s treatment program. Is this a community problem or is it just my house?” asks one member of the Burleith email list. “I’ve lived in Boston for ten years, Providence for eight years, and Philadelphia for nine and never once had to put up w/ the putrid smell that I’ve been getting out of my tap in DC. Do I need a plumber or should I be calling DCWASA?” Presently, no one has offered any advice, nor has anyone suggested that the poster move back to Boston.