A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Where’s My Parochial Weekly?!: In a thread entitled, “Non-Delivery of the Northwest Current,” a member of the Tenleytown email list laments, “Is my block on Windom Place the only one in the area that doesn’t get delivery of the Current? We received no paper this week or last after getting it for three weeks. Before that no paper for four weeks. Folks at the Current are sympathetic and sometimes email me to see if the paper was delivered. However, they also figuratively throw up their hands, telling me that the circulation/ delivery people in AU Park are awful. One would think you could fire them. Perhaps volunteers make all deliveries, and it is hard to fire them. I would very much appreciate any suggestions. When the paper doesn’t come, I am sometimes able to get it at the Tenley Library. I really like the Current.” Though the online edition leaves a bit to be desired, a few other members of the list suggested reading it, rather than hoping for the appearance of a hard copy: “We didn’t receive the Current in Glover Park.  It is usually posted online by early afternoon on Thursdays,” says one. “They don’t deliver to my house either, unfortunately. I tend to read it online, when they get around to posting the electronic version several days after the paper distributions,” recommends another.

Lame Name Game: Left for Ledroit reports that Happy Hour, a bar and restaurant, will ask for approval of a Class C liquor license at this evening’s ANC 1B meeting. It’s described as “a neighborhood bar with light food, games including Skiball, Wii Stations, and other electronic video games. Entertainment includes live bands.” Nearby 14th & You is intrigued by the prospect, but can’t help exercising some snark toward the establishment’s name: “THIS might actually be a place I could get excited about, even if the name leaves a bit to be desired in the creative department. (Some day, I’m going to open a bar called “Class C Tavern License”. My other idea is for a chic urban lounge called “Solstice” that will only be open twice a year.)”

Still Ruff, No Longer Ready: Bigger than Happy Hour’s advent is the news that D.C.’s favorite Philly-loving sons will open a fourth Taylor Gourmet location underneath the 14th & T streets NW Yoga District location. Taylor will take over the space currently occupied by Ruff & Ready Furnishings, reports 14th & You, and hopes to open by the fall (though, that “is of course dependent upon the permitting process and the completion of the renovation of the building (which is not in terrific shape, to say the least”). Commenters, however, are bemoaning the loss of the unnavigable, but undeniably well-stocked, Ruff & Ready. “Where is Ruff & Ready going are they opening somewhere else on U street or somewhere else in the city. I love them!” and “Gah, I love them too! I hope they’re not gone for good,” say two of the blog’s readers. A third demands more information: “Yeah, I agree — the bigger story here is that Ruff & Ready is leaving?!?! MORE DETAILS!!” Alas, at this moment, no more details are available.

The Hill is Misguided Sarcasm: The Hill Is Home has a lengthy plea for more retail on the restaurant-heavy Barracks Row reads like… well, it’s not clear. Commenters pile on with statements like, “Is this serious? I honestly can’t tell. I’m not going to bash this author; others will probably take care of that. But I’m confused as to why a serious issue facing the Hill (lack of retail) is being addressed in this attempt at tongue-in-cheek wit. Come on THIH” and “You lost me about halfway through. I found it rather bizarre that this poignant plea was 90% about very specific food options and 10% about what you’d really like to see in a clothing store. Were you hungry when you wrote this?” The author writes in to clarify—”Yes. This is supposed to be funny. And, yes, I know retail on 8th is a serious issue. I am friends with many of the retail business owners. I am in support of more retail. I loathe leaving the Hill to shop. I’m really making fun of myself. I apprise if the tone and intent of the essay was not clear. Goal: funny spin on “elephant in room” (or rather, elephant on Row) problem”—but readers still aren’t sold. “Yeah, I understood it was supposed to be funny, but it wouldn’t even occur to me to think that way! Unlike food, I would be less willing to support retail because my typical Victorian rowhouse only has closet space for approximately 10 articles of clothing and 2 pairs of shoes.”