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I Don’t Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance: Success breeds imitation. The recent dance-protest at the Jefferson Memorial was such a hit—mostly because no one was arrested—that Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton wants to sponsor her very own dance-off. Norton has a permit for a dance on the Mall on July 30 as part of “National Dance Day.” The idea is to promote more “people-centered activities” on the Mall (which sounds like a George W. Bush line gone wrong). No word on whether all the dancing will interfere with another Norton goal: keeping the grass on the Mall alive. +2

She Went to Find a Jolley Hour on the Trolley: Building streetcar tracks on H Street NE was controversial enough—and the streetcar’s actually going to run there. A new project in Georgetown is getting underway to replace old tracks that no trolleys have run on since 1960. The tracks from the old D.C. Transit 20 line will be rehabbed and replaced on O and P streets between Wisconsin Avenue NW and 35th Street NW. Older tracks that were asphalted over years ago will be pulled out and not replaced. Preserving District history is admirable; we just hope the Republicans in Congress don’t find out about the plan, which ain’t exactly government austerity in action. +1

Sometimes I Wish I Was Tiger Woods: No matter how many times he cheated on his wife, Tiger Woods is still the biggest name in golf—the one duffer just about everyone knows about, even if they’ve never so much as napped through a single afternoon of CBS coverage. But Woods won’t be joining the festivities in Bethesda this month when the U.S. Open comes to town; he announced today he’s pulling out of the tournament due to a lingering leg injury. It’s the first U.S. Open he’ll miss since 1994. Gossip columnists around town may be more dejected than sports columnists. -1

I’d Love to be an Oscar-Meyer Weiner: Bad enough for New York Rep. Anthony Weiner that the world has now seen his absurd Twitter penis shots and shaved pecs; now comes word he’s been driving around D.C. with expired car registration. (Like most members of Congress, he kept his home-state registration, so the District’s DMV doesn’t have to worry about it.) A horde of media was staking out Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin‘s home near U Street NW on Monday, but Weiner’s car troubles date to before his sexting: Roll Call had reported months ago that he owed $2,000 in unpaid parking tickets. -1

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