The Funniest Fenty You’ll Ever See: From the Huffington Post comes an exhaustingly detailed compilation of some of the best politics-related fake Twitter accounts. Most of the 19 nominees are big political players or national in scope, but a few specific to local D.C.—as in, not Congress—made the list. @WorkOutWemple, a parody of incoming Washington Post staffer and former TBD and Washington City Paper editor Erik Wemple, and @FentyDC, a spoof on former Mayor Adrian Fenty, got some love for their humor. +1

In Which the State of Maryland Gets Rich: NBC Washington reports that the state of Maryland will erect speed cameras along a stretch of the Capital Beltway. The area between University Boulevard and New Hampshire Avenue, which is slated for major construction in the coming years, will be the target. According to NBC, “The speed limit will remain 55 mph, and State Highway Administration spokeswoman Valerie Edgar says drivers would have to be going 12 or more miles over the limit to get ticketed.” Though the slower speeds are ostensibly for safety measures while construction’s going on, DCist points out that this will be a major revenue generator for Maryland. Given heavy traffic, it’s pretty hard to get up to 55 on that stretch of the Beltway as it is, but prepared to pay $40 if you don’t slow your roll. -3

So I Can Keep Track of the Visions in My Eyes: Sulaimon Brown‘s hijinks are gifts that have kept on giving. First, it was the sunglasses. Now, WAMU producer Michael Martinez has remixed choice soundbites from Monday’s hearing on Brown’s hiring by the Gray administration over Corey Hart‘s original one-hit wonder. (Bonus, unrelated meme-ification of local D.C. government officials: A .gif of Mayor Vince Gray rolling his eyes, courtesy of DCist editor Aaron Morrissey.) +4

Activities for all Stripes:If you couldn’t tell by the arrival en masse of rainbow-printed bunting along 17th Street NW and the rest of greater Dupont Circle, Capital Pride is this weekend. There’s a lot going on, but our own Arts Desk has you covered with picks for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Be sure to look for City Paper‘s float in the Saturday parade, wherein some staffers will be dressed as cupcakes (a D.C. take on birthday cake—appropriate as we celebrate our 30th anniversary). Not stoked enough? Look through Darrow Montgomery‘s photos from last year’s Pride. +2

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