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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Is the Fence Not Working? In a thread entitled “screw loose neighbor,” a member of the Burleith email list lets it all out: “I left my house yesterday and found an old bookcase just left by my front steps. Since I had to get to work, I placed it on the curb thinking I would deal with it later. I came home to find the same bookcase placed on my lawn with a note from my deranged neighber telling me I better take ‘my crap’ off the curb or else. I assumed it was he who placed it on my steps in the first place since he has angered many students in the area and probably they put the darn thing on his doorstep to bug him so he just dumps it on mine. This morning, I wake up and open the door to find the same bookshelf right up to my door! with an even nastier note from my ‘neighbor’ threatening to call the police, DCRA, social services, etc. It would have taken this ‘man’ less effort to put it in the trash in the first place but the anger, and he has shown repeated anger and rage to those around him, as well as the deranged threats was just too much. What has happened to our lovely and civil, laid back Burleith?”

Identity Crisis: Ward-based redistricting beefs might have been squashed with the passage of the Redistricting Committee’s legislation last week, but there’s plenty more to be had: Police districts are next up for rearranging. Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham has already made his position clear via a message sent to several email lists in his area: “Friends: MPD Chief Lanier recently proposed new Police Service Area (PSA) boundaries in each district.  (See below, the links to the proposed boundary maps.) There are  positive aspects of this new proposal. But it would reverse a hard fought but successful struggle 7 years ago to bring all of Ward 1 into the Third District.  Prior to that time, the Ward was split at Irving…with everything north of that (including all of Mt Pleasant) under the Fourth District, and everything south in 3D. With the 4D headquarters many blocks away up on the 6000 block of Georgia Avenue, all manner of problems of communications, chain of command had resulted for years.  It was nowhere near as convenient for Ward 1 residents as the 3D headquarters and the Substation. MPD’s proposal would again split Ward 1…the northern boundary would be Harvard St. west of 16th St and Park Rd. east of 16th St.  This proposed artificial boundary between Third and Fourth Police Districts will split off in half Mt. Pleasant, Columbia Heights and Park View.” A member of one of the lists, who identifies as an ANC commissioner, respectfully disagrees, writing “There are seven MPD Districts in the city and there are eight Wards, as we know. That means there will always be MPD Districts that do not necessarily line up with Ward boundaries. Ward boundaries are based on population. MPD boundaries – including Patrol Service Area boundaries – are based on the incidents of crime and the need for police resources. My views are based on innumerable conversations with MPD officers at all levels – especially vice and those in intelligence and from having followed crime reports over many years. There was and has been a considerable amount of criminal activity that goes back and forth across the Ward 1/Ward 4 border. It is a very serious problem, and I have often wondered about the effectiveness of MPD’s current District and Ward borders. I believe the proposed changes help to address that problem.”

Whither Adams Morgan?: Mount Pleasant-based The 42 Bus polls readers on what should be done with the former Blockbuster retail space on Columbia Road, which has been vacant for nearly a year now. Favored with 41% of the votes is a restaurant, with one commenter specifying, “An honest to goodness fresh simple bakery. I am not talking about complicated pastry from India/ Germany/ Caribbean etc. But just bagels, bagets, breads. Simple things that we can all look forward to being baked fresh everyday. I would wake up at 5 in the am for that!”

Meta: The Bloomingdale blog does its own survey of neighborhood email list back and forth, recording responses to a less-than-pleasant comment about a local electrician. Civil discourse, apparently, has prevailed.