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No Sex, Please, We’re Catholic: Co-ed dorms have been the norm in most colleges for generations; at George Washington University, students will soon be able to share a room with anyone of any sex. After all, today’s kids aren’t exactly notoriously modest. At Catholic University, though, they sure will be soon. The school says it will make all of its 17 dorms single-sex, reversing years of co-ed housing, in an attempt to cut down on sex and drinking. Be sure to let us know how that works out, well-intentioned college officials. -1

More Sex, Please, We’re the District: Apparently all those fresh-faced congressional staffers on the Metro have a wild side. At least according to today’s installment of Meaningless National Rankings, brought to you by Trojan—who also bring you, of course, condoms. Trojan researchers have taken a break from testing their wares to analyze recent surveys and declare the District among the most sexually active cities in the nation; 75 percent of D.C. residents say they’re sexually active (though that’s not defined in any greater specificity) and 70 percent say they’d like to have sex more often. 27 percent say they’ve had sexual encounters involving more than one other person. No word on how much overlap there was among that group. +2

Breaking Away: Intentionally hitting bicyclists with your car is a bad idea. Intentionally hitting bicyclists who happen to be off-duty cops with your car, while you’re driving with a passenger with an outstanding warrant and a car that reeks of weed? Now that’s a terrible idea, and one that allegedly occurred to a guy around 13th and Kenyon streets NW in February. An even worse idea? While jailed on charges related to that incident, the suspect called his girlfriend on a monitored phone line and told her to hide his drugs and gun. So remember, D.C. drivers: That guy or gal on a bike you want to scare could bring the long arm of the law down on you. +3

No Taxation Without Artificial Pigmentation: June 14 is, as everyone knows, Flag Day here in the United States. Which makes it as good a day as any for the next round of protests over D.C.’s colony-like status vis a vis the federal government. Activists will gather in Dupont Circle tonight to display tattoos of the District’s stars-and-bars flag. Upon seeing such a display, Americans—nay, people all over the world!—will surely come to recognize the injustice of our situation. Or if not, at least maybe some people will get laid while they check out each other’s tats. +1

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