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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Mount Pleasant Wasn’t: The 42 Bus ruminates on yesterday’s police standoff in Mount Pleasant, which didn’t receive much coverage from media outlets: “All of this happened at a very busy corner in the neighborhood and residents and business owners were posting photos and tweeting updates of what they were seeing in real time. Nearby businesses were closed (to foot traffic) briefly and people were kept off of the streets around the intersection of Mount P and Irving NW for hours, into the evening. The police response was massive. I definitely have questions about the nature of police response for one man who may have been in his own apartment, alone. And several accounts of sharp shooters and the presence of a SWAT team give me major pause as well. Looking forward to the official report when it is released and other accounts, if there are any. Very sad that at the end of the day a man was killed who shouldn’t have been in this scenario.”

Green Light: When New Columbia Heights first posted about upgrades to the park on 11th and Monroe streets NW, commenters weren’t approving of the design. “Well, the design is certainly nice. But it still seems rather closed off, which I think is part of the problem with the current set-up. I’m afraid that the same problems that current park has may be perpetuated by a closed off design,” one wrote. But toward an updated design, readers are more favorable—with some caveats. “It could use more seating, and the fence just seems like a terrible idea in a neighborhood where a fenced-off lot implies that it’s part of a Section 8 housing project. But other than those two tweaks, it’s excellent. I would totally hang out there in the summer,” writes one. Says another, “First of all, it is important to note that this design was agreed to after numerous well-publicized community meetings. So if folks are complaining, well, they should have provided input at one of those meetings. It is, of course, a bit of a compromise / product of consensus, but overall, I think that it is a good design (I’d like to see more greenery myself, but I still think this is a massive upgrade as of course no one will get all of their desires met in full).”

I DID THIS: It’s unclear what Councilmember Jim Graham is responding to in a thread sent to various Ward 1 email lists entitled, “BUDGET VOTE: I SUPPORTED MORE POLICE OFFICERS.” It’s also unclear why such a statement deserves all capital letters. Nonetheless, Graham continues to wordily defend his position on things. This time: “Dear Friends, I was one of FOUR council members who voted to make hiring more MPD officers with some $11 million the TOP budget priority for any additional revenues in the new budget year. We do expect some significant amount of unanticipated revenue, and we will know the exact amount soon. Obviously, public safety in the neighborhoods-having the right number of police on duty-is the top priority. I also supported other votes that would have made the police the top funding priority.”

God Forbid, a Panera: On the Adams Morgan email list, one member inquires, “Does anyone know if the old Adams Mill Bar space has been rented out or if it’s still available? And if it is available, who the right contact is? I read that it would likely become a Cosi or Panera but haven’t seen anything happen in the space since Adams Mill closed.” No other list members have confirmed answers, but one remarks, “Cosi? Panera? And people are pissed off about a boutique hotel….”