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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

What Do Anarchists Think of Email Lists, Anyway? In response to the Washington Post‘s front-page profile of Petworth’s dog-walking anarchists, a member of the neighborhood’s email list remarks, “Interesting that these people have never posted a message to the PetworthDogs group.” Since the Post reports that the collective business grosses around $250,000, it’s doubtful they would reach out to the email list—they don’t seem to need the money.

Should Ward 1 Remain One? New Columbia Heights summarizes the continuing debate between Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier and Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham regarding police service area redistricting. The MPD 3D Substation email list has seen the bulk of this tiff, wherein Lanier is pushing for a split between PSA 3D and 4D, and Graham is adamant that Ward 1 be served entirely by 3D. One commenter says, “There are seven police districts and eight wards…some of the wards are going to have to be split. The proximity of the district headquarters to neighborhoods is a canard. Police officers aren’t dispatched from the district headquarters, nor do they sit there waiting for a call. They are out in their cars/bikes/feet/whatever.”

Flower Thief, In Business: The Cleveland Park email list has continued their pursuit of the neighborhood lilac thief with an email to Nosegay Flower Shop. Some list members thought the local business might have insight to the thief’s agenda. Nosegay’s response was forwarded to the list and says, “We became aware recently that an older gentleman with whom we have done business with several times is accused of being the ‘Cleveland Park Flower Thief.’ This gentleman came by our shop few years ago with sample flowers that he claimed came from his farm in Virginia, he even had an old stakebody farm truck. We bought some of his flowers as they were pretty and we had no reason to believe he was a fraud, as we have been doing business with many different people throughout the years. When we were made aware that this gentleman was accused of stealing flowers, we felt terrible not only because we were deceived but because we have gardens ourselves and we know how we would feel if somebody stole our stuff.”

Downtown Southwest: In an update on the state of retail in Waterfront Station, Southwest…The Little Quadrant That Could reports that Station 4, Z-Burger, CVS, and TD Bank will eventually occupy the area. Commenters, of course, have an extensive wishlist of amenities they’d welcome. Several bid for a frozen yogurt or ice cream shop; one writes, “‘The green-framed space at 1100 4th Street’ needs to be a frozen yogurt place! That place screams out for it just based on how it looks. I suppose SweetGreen would logically be the brand that most makes sense there, but any brand would do well, especially since we have a young neighborhood and that is the demographic for frozen yogurt shops.” There’s also a bid for services: “I really think a nail salon would do well in one of the spaces,” writes one, while another says, “The most of my retail dollars still leaving SW are for hardware stores. If we could have one of those great Ace Hardware stores like on Logan Square or 4th & Mass NW, or even a branch of Frager’s, I would spend more money in SW. Radio Shack would be nice, if it were a quality one. A kitchen place, like Hill’s Kitchen, might find a market in SW with all the new condo’s and apartments on the way. Pet supplies, like Chateau Animeaux?” The blog also mentions that there was rumor of an AT&T store, which almost all commenters are opposed to.