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Myopia Spreads: Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy apparently couldn’t beat Twitter; he’s decided to join it, instead. The Post has Milloy and other writers taking social media training classes, and the man who coined the phrase “myopic little twits” will become one, himself, next month. Milloy says he may use the handle @gigabyteme, but alas, it’s taken. What should he pick instead? Leave ideas in the comments. +2

Will Post For Profit: Speaking of the Post, it’s become increasingly clear in recent years that the company that owns it is a for-profit education and test prep firm that happens to have a newspaper on the side. Which is why it’s not entirely surprising to learn that the family of CEO Don Graham sold about $10 million in Post company stock a few days after regulations on its education arm, Kaplan, were loosened. Graham reportedly helped lobby for the regulations. Company officials say he didn’t sell any of his own stock, and that he didn’t benefit from the sale. But with capital gains like that, maybe the Post can afford to give its writers decent raises. (Not that we’ve had any around here lately, either.) -2

John Galt, Metro Rider: Public transportation funding may not be popular with the Tea Party, but public transportation itself? Still okay. At least, that seems to be the lesson from Kentucky’s Republican Sen. Rand Paul, a self-proclaimed libertarian and, apparently, dedicated Metro passenger. Presumably he stayed away from the Green line. Still, we won’t hold our breath for Congress to help Metro out financially any time soon. +1

Faster, Fenty, Faster!: Since leaving his job as D.C. mayor, not entirely of his own volition, Adrian Fenty has been busy. He’s gone to Chile, he’s declared Republican labor policies make sense, and he’s run some races in exotic locales. And it turns out all the practice—and the weight he probably managed to shed by ditching some of his city-issued BlackBerries—helped: He finished 37th among “elite male” competitors in yesterday’s D.C. Triathlon. Also, he’s managed to get more popular in the District—proving that absence may, indeed, make the heart grow fonder. +1

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