Not all this area’s football players are locked out.

Players on the Washington Redskins, a team that (Awesome Trivia™ alert!) hasn’t hosted a playoff game in this century, have been forced to get together at some mysterious high schools in parts unknown (the practice write-ups never get more specific than “Northern Virginia”) throughout the spring just to work out.

And at those gatherings they’ve been reduced to pulling fans from the stands just to have enough bodies to bring Kyle Shanahan’s Xs and Os to life.

Conversely, on several levels, there’s the D.C. Divas.

As they prepare for still another post-season hosting gig, the local women’s football outfit’s management has announced the date and time of their workouts, and have even named the high schools.

A full quorum of players — enough to run a real practice! — will show up.

The Divas ended a 7-1 regular season on Saturday with a 38-16 win over the New York Sharks, making ’em the 2011 champions of the Northeast Division of the Women’s Football Alliance.

In 11 seasons, the Divas have posted an overall record of 80-23, with eight division crowns and one Supe-Her Bowl title (2006).

They’ll host the Boston Militia in a first-round playoff game this Saturday at the Prince Georges County Sports and Learning Complex.

Leading up to the match, the Divas will hold two open practices at D.C. high schools: Tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Coolidge, then again on Thursday, June 23 on the field at Anacostia.

The Divas have a real good “in” at Coolidge: The school made international news last year by hiring former Divas receiver Natalie Randolph as the head coach of the (boys) varsity football team, making Randolph one of only a handful of women known to have ever coached at that level.