The big news of the week, so far, is the imminent arrival on Twitter of Courtland Milloy, the Washington Post columnist who declared in September that Adrian Fenty-voting, bike lane-commuting, fancy restaurant-dining yuppies who use social media are “myopic little twits.”

Milloy told Washington City Paper‘s Rend Smith that he’s been taking Post-mandated social media training and was looking forward to joining: The “myopic eyeballs that have been twittered shut to the real world will be pried open so wide they’ll need new facebooks.”

But he also said he wants to use the Twitter handle @gigabyteme, which someone else already has. We asked for suggestions for other names Milloy could use on Twitter the other day. Commenters suggested a few:

  • @PGMeddler or @CrotchetySuburbaniteMrs. D
  • @CM_Ward9Anon and On
  • @PGCtwitRake
  • @GrouchyOldMan or @HatersgonnaHateKeith

Which one’s your favorite? Got other suggestions? Leave them in the comments, and maybe Milloy will take heed.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery