Here’s what I wrote two years ago this week, when Manny Acta was on the chopping block:

Who’s next? Fox says Montgomery County’s own Jim Riggleman will be the interim guy. Why not bring Davey Johnson in?

Johnson was marvelous last time he managed in the MASN market. And he’s already coached the Future of the Nats, Stephen Strasburg, during the Olympics.

The Nats didn’t listen then.  A source who I’ll  refer to as “a guy who knows a guy” told me they did this time. Fab decision.

UPDATE 10:37 a.m.:  Asked if Davey Johnson is indeed The Guy, Nationals spokesman Mike Gazda says, “I have no idea at this point.”

Gazda says the Nats have no press conferences scheduled on the replacement search, though some informal pronouncements will likely be made “in Chicago, when we’re ready to announce it.”