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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Historically Accurate: On the Tenleytown email list, one member asks, “Our yard is enclosed by a traditional mortared stone wall. Over the years, the mortar has come loose in many places and the wall is being damaged by water/ice. We have had a few people work on the wall, but their workmanship has been poor. Can anyone suggest a good stone mason who can repair/replace the mortar and make it look as good as it did when the wall was built 80 years ago?” So far, no one has recommended a historically accurate mason.

Stop Being Like Most Everything Else in Adams Morgan on Friday Nights: In a thread entitled, “CLUB STROGA is BACK and blasting RIGHT NOW,” a member complains to the Adams Morgan email list, “This bullshit noise and creeps peeing in the back ally has STARTED AGAIN at CLUB STROGA…. RIGHT NOW!!!” Late last year, the email list briefly discussed after-hours activities held at Stroga, a fitness club, that typically involved long lines out the door and quite a bit of noise. This time around, however, no other members have responded to initial post observing that Stroga might be back at it.

Aftermath: In response to a post on Park View D.C. summarizing the unwelcome gunshots at the annual Caribbean Parade, which runs through largely through Petworth and Park View, a commenter writes, “What is the ANC position on this? While I love the parade itself, it seems to be difficult to separate the day long GA ave and side street party that follows. More than 20 shots fired at 5pm!!! The financial trouble that the festival is in is also worrisome. Will taxpayers be asked to support this violence next year?” The blog’s author, Kent Boese, serves on the ANC and writes, “I’m not aware of an official position on this, but I’m sure this is something that will be discussed.”

A Modest Proposal: A member of the Shepherd Park email list writes, “Posters with the words THINK BIG are stapled to city street trees all up and down Georgia Avenue (and, I suspect, on other commercial corridors too), in clear violation of DC law. The sponsoring organizations (www.gordobrega.com, Determined to Takeover, Inc., MIGOS With Attitude and Timeless Music Empire Management) are prominently displayed on the posters. Not only does this type of litter make the strip look seedier, the staples further threaten the already stressed trees that our city government claims are a priority. Can you please arrange to have the posters removed as quickly as possible and also advise the community what type of citations/fines will be levied against the vandals who put them up in the first place?” The poster goes on to suggest, “If they were assessed a fine of, say, $100 per violation, I think they’d get the message.” A D.C. government employee on the list says she’ll forward the request to the city’s Department of Public Works, but does not indicate whether such a fine will be adopted.