A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Suitable for Decorating: Writes a member of the New Hill East email list, “I just want to say thanks to the people at 14th & E who have placed a toilet in their front yard, presumably to beautify the neighborhood and enhance their own and surrounding property values. It was such a wonderful idea last year when you planted flowers in said toilet bowl, and it is an even better idea this year when you have let it go au naturale and it’s just a toilet full of weeds and dirt.  It’s so nice to have neighbors like you willing to spruce up the place!  Plus, if I ever can’t make it home in case of a bathroom emergency, I know I’ll have a place to go.” The sentiment is shared by another member, who adds, “I agree, really takes yard art to a new level. I’m thinking I may one up them with an old refridgerator. While it won’t be as nice as the porcelain gem at 14th and E, I figure it may make the viewer stop and ponder its symbolic representation of the plight of today’s Hindu diaspora living in West Virginia.”

Around Town: 14th & You goes long on transportation options in the Logan Circle area. The crux of the blog’s argument is that the U Street/African American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro station is not as useful as it might be, given its distance from Logan: “As it would be for many Logan/U St. residents, the U Street stop on the Green Line is our closest Metro station. My opinion, informed by eight years of experience riding the Green Line from U Street is that it rarely offers a time benefit over other alternatives. The Circulator gets me to DC USA faster than walking to U Street, awaiting a train, and riding one stop. Even driving will get me to CoHi and parked within 15 minutes for very little money. Metro is a great way to get to Penn Quarter, but cycling is still faster. Where time really starts to drag, though, is when one attempts to transfer to the Red or Blue/Orange Lines from the Green Line.” In the comments, readers have weighed in extensively with their own experiences of moving around the area.

But the Grey Lady Says…: The rather nasty back-and-forth on the Cleveland Park email list regarding the use of the Connecticut Avenue service lane (that is, parking vs. sidewalk space) died down last week. But it might be revived again with this posting: “An article in today’s New York Times provides some good support for the theory that more parking spaces = more cars, and fewer parking spaces = people using alternate modes of transport (where such modes are available; in most of the US it wouldn’t be possible, but here in Cleveland Park we are lucky to enjoy many alternate modes of transit).” The member links to this New York Times piece; though the thread is presently quiet, it’s reasonable to expect a few “irked” drivers to respond over the next few days.

Not “Neighborhood” Enough: Southwest…the Little Quadrant That Could reports that Station 4 has finally opened. The reactions to the restaurant—one of Southwest’s only sit-down dining options—is mixed. Some are excited to have it in the neighborhood (“I enjoyed almost every dish that I had. The charred octopus, stuffed zucchini were fantastic, and the Station 4 pizza was rather delicious. We also had the brussel sprouts with bacon (good, though thought the sprouts were a bit on the tougher side) and the crab macaroni and cheese. Honestly the crab mac was the only disappointing dish. It was not bad, however you barely registered any hint of crab and the bacon on top overpowered. Good but not what was anticipated. I was very happy with the overall delivery, especially for an opening night (first night jitters and issues always arise in restaurants). The restroom situation was a bit confusing and the astroturf through me off, but overall the decor is great”), while others have quite a few gripes. “I was so hoping for a nice relaxing environment, $10-$20 plates, 4-7$ beers, a great happy hour, and a place to relaxe. This will not be it,” writes one. Another says, “So the posted hours say they are open until 2AM on Mondays, and serve dinner until 11PM. I arrived at just after 10PM only to find the doors locked, restaurant closed. Very bummed, what gives?”