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Now Not Boarding: Tram enthusiasts of America got tragic news today—the H Street NE streetcars almost certainly won’t launch in 2012, as originally planned, but rather late 2013. That’s a second delay, after the initial launch was pushed back from next spring to next fall. Part of the problem? There aren’t enough cars. Construction may not start until early next year. At this rate, chances are you’ll be able to take the streetcar from Metro’s Silver Line to Metro’s Purple Line by the time it opens. -3

Tombstone Blues: That Arlington National Cemetery had lost track of buried veterans was already an embarrassment. Now the FBI is looking to see if it was a crime, too, in the latest expansion of an investigation that’s already got the Army, the Defense Department Inspector General, and Congress poking around (not to mention The Washington Post and Time, where Mark Benjamin, who broke the story for Salon.com, now writes). Might tourists flocking to the cemetery get to see some arrests? -1

Steady Diet of Shaolin: Mashups were all the rage early in the last decade, and DJs quickly ran through most of the clever ideas and moved on to bad ones. But now, singlehandedly, a group out of Minnesota may have revived the genre, with Wugazi, a project that mixes Fugazi with the Wu-Tang Clan. We suspect the actual Wu-Tang Clan might not endorse D.C. hardcore’s old straight edge ethos—it’s hard to imagine Method Man singing Ian MacKaye‘s pre-Fugazi Minor Threat refrain, “Don’t smoke/don’t drink/don’t fuck” without a heavy dollop of irony—but listening to Wugazi’s first track, it sounds like they were made for each other. +2

BYOV: Thanks to relaxed gun laws, chances are the patrons in Virginia restaurants may already be bringing weapons into dinner with them. Now they can bring wine, too; a new corkage law takes effect Friday, allowing diners to BYOB if restaurants allow them. The previous ban on the practice may have been mostly honored in the breach, but now it’s not only winked at, it’s also legal. Which should make the concealed weapons more exciting. +1

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