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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Metablogging: Borderstan converses with the with the guys behind U Street Dirt, a new blog that’s critical of forthcoming development around the 14th & U corridors; the bloggers are also affiliated with Puck Buddys and Who Murdered Robert Wone. U Street Dirt is a kind of crusade for more information on development in the area, per the Borderstan Q&A: “Probably the most common complaint we hear from our neighbors is that there’s just too much happening that they don’t know about. This was really catalyzed when we were nearly caught off guard by a massive new building proposal at 14th and Wallach. The developers (Level 2), architect (Eric Colbert), ANC 1B and neighborhood association (U Street Neighborhood Association) never once reached out to any of us around the Wallach/T/14th area — and probably wouldn’t have before all their boxes were checked and it was a done deal. It was just the latest of a string of proposed developments that nobody but the developers and a select few know anything about. So at first, we’ll be focusing on what these proposals are and where they stand — sort of a one-stop site for this particular hood — but we really hope this becomes a very active micro-blog for our neighborhood. So ‘U Street Dirt’ means literal and figurative dirt.”

Metabirding: Still more members of the Takoma email list have come forward with tales of strange bird behavior. “I saw a robin that appeared to be suffering in someway on the street a few days ago. It was hopping slowly along, twitching its wings, just in front of me on the sidewalk. It allowed me to get within 2 feet of it and stopped. I stopped and looked at it and then it stumbled/fluttered off. At the time, I thought it was protecting a fledgling on the ground, since many birds will fake an injury to draw attention from vulnerable juveniles, but after this discussion on the listserve, I wonder,” claims one. But another member tries to dismiss the account, writing “Also, the birds at my bird feeder and watering hole in my back yard seem to be doing fine – cardinals, robins, blue jays, and the small brown song birds that I can’t name. I hope this problem in the neighborhood is not related to water.”

Metacomplaining: Birds aren’t the only thing that Takoma residents are losing sleep over. Another thread on the email list rails against early-morning (and potentially illegal) construction, writing “Ok I was sound asleep at 3:22 in the morning and suddenly I am awakened by this loud squeaking (of unoiled metal). I ask myself is it already 7 in the morning for the loud construction that occurs outside my window to begin? No. I realize it is 3:25am and I can’t go to sleep. I look out my window and a gigantic loud excavator is moving equipment to a huge flatbed in the lot where condos are being built on the corner of Carrol and Maple Ave NW. What the heck? Am I the only one that was awakened? I am pissed!!! I reported it to the cops but the construction stopped by the time an officer made it to the scene. They called me back and said ‘It must have been the train tracks of the metro.’ NOT! I told them I know what the metro sounds like, even the loud speakers of the bus when it makes it stops near my place. I literally watched with my very own eyes an excavator moving equipment to a flatbed. Did anyone else on this listserv see or hear it? The dust, dirt and noise is bad enough during the day, but at 3:30 in the morning!” A Muriel Bowser staffer on the list contacted the construction company in question, and in turn, the company’s representative answered, “We understand that no work is to occur on the site before 7:00AM or after 7:00PM and reminded CTS of this requirement. They assured me that this was a one time occurrence and would not happen again.”

Metafilming: A posting to various email lists in the Northwest quadrant advertises this: “PMG Filmworks is casting M/F actors from mid-twenties to early thirties for its upcoming indie feature, Blunt Chillin’ Horsepower Cabernet (these words in a dating profile generate most responses), a comedy-caper about the foibles & follies of online dating. The film will be shot this summer with episodes posted bi-weekly on Youtube.”