A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Greener Grass: “Is there any DC agency who will take responsibility and throw down a little money at the circle and DC entryway on 16th Street to clean it up. It’s an overgrown mess.  It’s interesting to see the manicured areas of Montgomery County along New Hampshire Ave and East West Highway and boom!, hit the DC line…Welcome to our trash covered, weed infested, tree canopy city. Why does the Chevy Chase Circle always look so prestine? Where does that money and manpower come from?” asks a member of the Shepherd Park email list. Another remarks, “Actually it is impressive that in some parts none of the planted vegetation is left. Instead there are only weeds. I am not sure what we pay those contractors, but I am pretty sure they are not worth it. The twice a year has not happened even once this year—and it is July.”

The Fireworks Continue: The MPD 4D email list has continued to quibble over the correct way to handle Fourth of July fireworks. The latest iteration of the conversation has one list member writing, “I completely agree with this. This was my first year living in DC, and I thought it was amazing and unifying. I am all for regulating them, but what is July 4 without fireworks?” But another argues, “Amazing and unifying until someone accidently lights your roof on fire or sends a mortar into the side of your car. At which point you will be standing alone holding a bill. Fireworks already ARE regulated and there are enough displays in the community that can be accessed. You have little appreciation for how disruptive and dangerous it is for people to be using explosives (that are already illegal) They know they are breaking the law by launching them off in DC…they don’t care about the law or the community. That is their independence day message to you…and you respond with ‘Isn’t that pleasant?!’ When someone poops in your alley do you run out and bring them toilet paper?”

Inappropriate! On the Cleveland Park email list, a member warns of a flasher on Connecticut Avenue: “This morning around 7:00am, a Caucasian male flashed my wife on the bridge between the Zoo and Cleveland Park, pulling down his athletic/sports shorts to reveal a penis with a condom on it. The young man was dressed athletically (shorts, t-shirt or similar) and was holding a soccer ball. If memory serves correctly, the same man has been seen before in the approximate neighborhood. As the male involved could potentially be involved in a future flashing incident or worse, if anyone sees this person in the act again, we would encourage you to report the incident to the police (in which case, we would be happy to also provide supporting evidence).” The flasher is described as a “Caucasian male who appears between 20-30 yrs of age, dirty blonde/light brown hair in a pony-tail (perhaps shoulder-length if let down), somewhere between 5’5″ and 5’10” in height, normal build, in athletic attire, holding a soccer ball.” While the Cleveland Park email list is typically chatty, no members have, at present, responded to this alert.

Spotted: Disciples of the Dalai Lama, who’s in town this week, at the City Vista Safeway.