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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Myopic Little Neighbors: On the Mintwood Place email list, one member asks, “Does anyone know why the majority of our street (including both sides) has been posted ‘no parking’ for the next couple of days?” In response, another retorts “They are supposed to be for moving Van trucks. Either half of mintwood is moving away on the same day or as I suspect some yuppies are invading.”

Cherries for Brightwood, Then? In response to a post by The Brightwoodian about Ward 4’s lack of economic development funds, a member of the Petworth email list says it’s, “Apples and Oranges. Wards 6 gets the lion’s share and Ward 2 after that for clear reasons.” They conclude, “Even in Manhattan, there are stretches were things are low scale, relatively low density. That is not an inherent negative, I’m sure, even for people who like the bustle of the Big Apple. My read is that Ward 4 development, small and medium-sized, moves at a pace that works for Ward 4. That will continue. Apples and oranges.”

3D Glasses? Not Quite: “Our tax dollars have purchases a slickly produced video of D-dot’s Broad Branch bridge effort!” crows one member of the Crestwood email list. The posting of the video to the list, which can be here, prompted another member to write, “IMAX?”

Creepy Crawlies: From a member of the Tenleytown email list comes this question: “Just checking if your homes (in particular on the ground floor) have been infested by crawling creatures and what you have done to get rid of them. They look like teeny, tiny black worms with a hard surface that tends to curl up at the slightest touch. I have been toying with the idea of calling an exterminator, but that sounds like an extreme solution. Thanks for your tips.” Despite the rather explicit description, no other members have, at present, reported a similar infestation in their homes.