A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Those Metal Trees Are a Joke: New Columbia Heights reports, “Got $60 million? Then you can buy the Park Triangle, the apartment building that fronts on the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza at 14th/Park/Kenyon (the building with Sticky Fingers, Frozenyo, etc.) The Biz Journal has a brief article on it but doesn’t say why it’s for sale — maybe the company that owns it just built it as an investment? Not sure.” Commenters aren’t really interested in the building itself, though. One writes, “Your picture reminds me how bad the triangle park once was. Goodness …. and we were glad to have it replace all the construction equipment that had been there for (seemingly) decades,” while another says, “I actually miss the real trees. It would have been a lovely grove if they were allowed to mature.”

Gutted: Last Friday, DCist reported that a fire gutted the building at 1351 U Street NW; though neighborhood blogs U Street Girl, 14th & You, and Borderstan all took note of the early-morning fire, there are few details available. The building housed a dance studio as well as U Street Wine & Beer, and remained closed through the weekend.

Twitting in Park View: Park View D.C., the blog, has reluctantly joined Twitter. Says the blog, “While I fought this for a long time, things finally reached a point where I threw up my hands and gave in. We’ll see if this is a good thing of not … but I’ve already gotten a good sense of its usefulness.”

Running Mustangs for Sale, In Ethiopia: From the Chevy Chase email list comes this list of topics: “Running Tour of Ethiopia, including the Great Ethiopian Run,” “Multi-family Yard Sale Saturday,” “Euros for sale,” “Wild mustangs now have a home – many thanks.” The individual threads do not appear to be related, despite their poetic juxtaposition.