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The Jayson Werth Saga™ is turning tragicomic.

Mike Rizzo and the Lerners gifted Werth with the Adam Archuleta Package: A deal nobody could live up to.

And, boy, is he ever not living up to it: Werth’s batting .215 at the All-Star Break, and his grounding into a game-ending double-play with the potential winning run on base in Saturday’s loss to Colorado inspired the biggest round of boos he’s gotten here all year.

The Great Dan Steinberg, watcher of all media, reported from beside his tweet monitor that fans’ chants of “Jayson Werthless” as they left the stadium were overpowering the broadcasters on MASN’s post-game show.

Fitting that Werth fell further into the faithful’s doghouse on Pups in the Park Night.

Well, then. Who and what do the Nats and MASN feature in their first ad campaign of the second half of the season?

Jayson Werth! And his batting average! Natch!

Commercials airing on local TV over the weekend to promote telecasts of the Nats’ post-break series in Atlanta show Werth at the plate alongside a boast that he’s “batting .333… at Turner Field!”

Good golly.

In defense of the club and the network and their promotion: .333 ain’t bad, in context. Overall, Werth is hitting .185 on the road.

Then again, this is the gang that came up with the dubiousest team slogan I’ve ever come across: “Expect it!™”

What the hell does that mean, anyway?