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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Too Moist: On the Shepherd Park email list, a member asks, “Anyone have idea of DC regulations for residential composting? Do the bins have to meet specific requirements? Rats are such a DC problem – how do you keep a home compost from being a rodent and night critter feeder station?” Another replies, “We do composting and I haven’t heard or seen any increase in rodent infestation but we also have anti-rodent boxes on the property. My unit overlooks the compost and I get flies outside my door sometimes but apparently that is because there is too much food and not enough dry stuff like newspaper or leaves. The flies thrive if it’s too moist.”

Pass the Bus: Following an earlier post on the topic, The Brightwoodian notes that Mayor Vince Gray is against the placement of a bus barn at the redeveloped Walter Reed site. The earlier post was favorable: “Remember David Alpert’s proposal to build a bus garage on the soon-to-be-redeveloped Walter Reed site?  Well, it’s coming back to haunt us. When that piece was posted, almost exactly a year ago,  I wrote it off as a pipe dream.  But apparently Tommy Wells, along with Tom Downs of the WMATA board, has been lobbying Mayor Gray to make this into a reality.  The proposed bus garage would be enormous, large enough to accommodate all of the buses currently housed at the Northern garage (on 14th Street between Buchanan and Decatur) and the Western garage (on Wisconsin Avenue above the Friendship Heights Metro station).”

Quit Summering Elsewhere, Georgetowners: The Georgetown Metropolitan delves into the neighborhood’s “phantom density”: “…GM got to thinking about that density when he noticed that Sara’s instituted summer hours recently (on Sunday they don’t open till 1:00 and close at 7:00). It’s a reasonable easing of their normal hours, but GM believes it reflects one of the fundamental characteristics to Georgetown that will continue to seriously limit the amount Georgetowners will be able to support locally oriented businesses: not enough Georgetowners actually live here full time.”

Cleveland Park, ISO: Requested from members of the Cleveland Park email list are the following: “Advice for traveling to China,” “advice on selling non-working car, getting junk hauled,” “piano tuner & gardner,” “occasional driver/errand-runner for older woman,” “looking to buy a desk,” and “transcription services?”