Where’s the line between being neighborly and stalking?

A swanky building with a rooftop pool,the Yale Steam Laundry Lofts on New York Avenue NW would seem to be a relaxing place to live, but perhaps not if you believe you’re being watched.

Yale residents Vance Thompson and Rachelle Nigro have settled a civil complaint filed earlier this month, in which Thompson accused Nigro (who happens to be a commissioner for ANC 2C04) of “stalking” him, by taking pictures and video of him while he was “working out in the gym and while laying out at the pool.”

Nigro’s attorney, Hardy Vieux, says nothing seedy was going on. Nigro is a former condo board member and was just trying “to document possible violations of the condo rules” when she started pointing her lens at Thompson, he says. The lawyer wouldn’t say which rules Nigro thought Thompson had broken. Thompson is the condo board’s current president. Phone calls to Thompson weren’t returned.

Nigro never faced criminal charges for stalking, but settled the suit on July 11 by agreeing not to collect images of Thompson in the future.

Photo by Sadie Hernandez via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0