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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Georgetown Problems: One member complains to the Georgetown email list, “Does anyone know whose brilliant idea the new light was at Safeway? Instead of solving a simple problem with a sign saying, ‘right turns proceed through the intersection,’ they have these stupid arrows that are only serving to back up traffic in the garage. Who thinks of these things? You’d think they’d at least come out to observe it after installation. Then they would see how NO ONE can move if the first car, or any car, is turning right while the left turn only light is green and the right turn only light is red. Lights like this should only be installed if there are two traffic lanes. But more importantly, now that the light is there, how do we get it removed?????” Another suggests, “Couldn’t agree more. It is the stupidest idea. Suggest the ANC contact DDOT to get it fixed.”

Know a Piano Mover? Advertised on the Shepherd Park email list is the following: “We have 100 banquet chairs in pretty good condition to very good condition and 2 pianos that are really as is. Pianos need work but one is an upright, one is a baby grand, both are free, also. You haul. Please contact me if interested.”

Jemal’s Babes: Members of the Tenleytown email list are quite chatty on the subject of the redevelopment of Babe’s Billiards by Douglas Jemal, as covered by DC Urban Mud. Writes one, “Good to see another vacant storefront be developed. This will allow more people to live within walking distance of the Tenley metro station and will provide more customers for the local businesses on Wisconsin Avenue.” Others seem to be in agreement; one writes, “That is good news. It’ll be nice to have that building replaced by a new residential building with new retail in what sounds like a scale appropriate to the neighborhood.” Another says, “It would be good to flesh out that part of the Wisconsin corridor. We went to Public Tenley a few weeks ago, which appeared particularly quiet for 8:00 p.m. on a Saturday, and I couldn’t help but think that the drab scene directly across the street (the empty development referenced below) was a drag on traffic in that area.”

The Cleveland Park Paris Bureau: From the Cleveland Park email list comes this request: “This is a longshot: Could anyone recommend a reasonably priced, but good, place for a woman’s haircut in Paris, especially if it is near the Latin Quarter. Thanks so much.” No suggestions have emerged at this time.