Please Tip The Bartender: When the Tune Inn’s kitchen caught fire last month, the prognosis for the bar was pretty good; some repairs, and some time, and it’d be back in business. The staff, who wouldn’t be collecting tips while the place was shut? Not so cheery. So the bar held a fundraiser Friday night to send some cash their way. The good news? They raised more than $30,000. The bad news? They needed $50,000 to offset the total time off. Which means you probably haven’t missed your chance to give. +2

How Can You Sleep While Your Boats Are Burning?: Boats, theoretically, ought to be better protected against sudden blazes than structures on land—they are, after all, surrounded by water. But that didn’t keep a fire from damaging four boats docked at the Washington Yacht Club near M Street SE this morning. No one was injured, but the blaze left about $1 million in damage. -1

Slurpees And Spinach?: The concept of “urban food deserts” is widely recognized as a problem. 7-Eleven, apparently, is here to help. The market chain is debuting fresh produce at stores in Columbia Heights and near H Street NE. No word on whether the vegetables will be kept on the same rotating griddle that warms Big Bites, Taquitos, and other less healthy options. -1

Such A Bargain!: The most expensive home in the District, which—like all expensive homes—has a pretentious name (“Evermay”), sold recently after the asking price was cut in half, from $49 million to $25.9 million. Now comes word the final selling price was a downright cheap $22 million. What’s an extra $3 million here and there between gazillionaires, after all? +1

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