A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

The Horror of Ladies’ Underwear, II: On the Crestwood email list, the discussion of the wrongful placement of benches at a small park at 18th and Argyle streets NW has raged on. One member, who notes they initially found the subject too ridiculous for comment, jumps in to say: “But be warned, if you’re elderly and would like to sit while you’re walking your dog or would like to rest in the park while watching these sporting feats, that’s just too bad. The benches will destroy our ‘community’ with unsavory people. Like the seemingly nice couple I saw sitting on a bench by the point this evening. Probably just waiting to rob a house or to have sex in someone’s yard.” They continue, “I hope the benches stay and that we don’t waste money moving the slabs. But more than that I hope this discussion will someday come to an end. And honestly, perhaps we could do something positive in the community with all this energy.”

Protein: In a thread titled, “Big juicy crickets for your snake or lizard,” a member of the Cleveland Park email list offers, “I have hundreds of gorgeous giant crickets in my outdoor storage space. If you would like some, please email me offline.”

I Have Seen the Future: And Now, Anacostia has posted renderings of the intersection of Good Hope Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE that were “produced for the Department of Housing and Community Development (owners of the corner properties at the left of the images below) by UrbanAdvantage through a Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 stimulus grant with the National Community Reinvestment Coalition and HUD.” Commenters seem pleased with the designs: One says, “would definitely love to see something positive happen to the downtown area!!” and another writes, “Hmm, how bout ‘yes.'”

Al Fresco Curry: In Shaw reports that Beau Thai, Shaw’s punniest sit-down restaurant, has secured chairs for its forthcoming outdoor seating. There aren’t any tables to be seen, though.