A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Bambi! Fawns keep showing up in Chevy Chase yards, according to the neighborhood email list. Though many members seem to believe there’s an overpopulation of deer, one writes, “Facts show Rock Creek Park does not suffer ‘gross overpopulation’ of deer. There is more than one or two acres of land per deer. Deer populations are naturally self regulating. The park service says the deer are well nourished, not starving. Lean is good. They should not be plump. This is a sustainable population. No study has shown ‘tragic overpopulation’ here. Does often leave their fawns and come back hours later to rejoin them. When a car hits a deer it is likely the car was exceeding the speed limit. That’s usually why cars hit living things all the time.” Nonetheless, another member adds, “It’s time to deal with the overpopulation/ lack of natural predators issue. Cuteness or beauty is not a good reason to risk people’s safety. I dare say if they were as ugly as a warthog, we’d suddenly find a lot more people in favor of dealing with the issue. Humans destroyed the natural balance by ridding the East Coast of nearly all of their natural predators. That balance needs to be restored.”

Lukewarm Curry: Frozen Tropics asks readers what they think of the recently-opened Queen Vic on H Street NE, following a personal disagreement over the quality of the veggie curry. Commenters are largely in favor of the establishment, with some reservations on the curry. “I am not a fan of the veggie curry but as it does change I’ll be more than happy to try it again- I really do want to support local biz and folks who are making the effort to offer veg food,” writes one. “And while it’s sorta cool that they change it up, I also don’t want to have to roll the dice when I go out to eat. I’d be more inclined to stick to the place that I know offers a solid meal that I like every time.” And another writes, “The veggie curry is okay but rather one dimensional… at least the one time I had it. I’d be hard pressed to order it again, but if enough people rave about it I will.”

Meanwhile, in Brightwood: The Brightwoodian had an extremely positive experience with the new La Villa Pizzeria, noting “I had the grilled vegetable wrap yesterday, and it was delicious (the kalamata olives and the fact that the wrap was smothered in melted feta upped the deliciousness factor infinitely).” The blog also notes the potential for outdoor seating along Crittenden Street NW.

Flower Thief Update! The Cleveland Park email list has not forgotten the flower thief; a recent update on the list says he’s still at it, and provides a description: “…He is a white guy, about 5’7″ with black hair, maybe 60 years old, slim and swims at the Beauvoir Pool every afternoon. He walks north from the pool every day at about 6:30pm. Today it was 7 pm. He walks along 35th Street from Woodley headed towards Macomb Street, cutting flowers all along the way and putting them into his bag. Some days he goes to other blocks and into people’s yards to cut more flowers. I don’t know what to do about this.” But another member has something in mind, suggesting, “I am wondering if it would be possible for homeowners to set-up a neighborhood watch or cameras, especially for the areas that have not yet been ‘hit,’ so the culprit can finally be apprehended and indicted.”