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Government Guns: When the District’s only federally licensed gun dealership closed in April, it was because of the recession (the store lost its lease), not because of overzealous regulations. But the lack of any licensed shop to register firearms in D.C. left the city vulnerable to legal challenges like the one that got the Supreme Court to force gun sales here in the first place. Now the new plan is official: Sell guns in the police station. Charles Sykes, whose store on Good Hope Road SE was the only place to register legal handguns in the District, will soon open up shop at the Metropolitan Police Department’s headquarters by Judiciary Square. He’ll pay $100 a month to lease the space. Considering he charges $125 to register each gun, that seems like quite a deal. -2

Office Space: The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has been in the news a lot lately, mostly because it set off a firestorm when it proposed putting a Dulles International Airport stop on Metro’s new Silver Line underground, instead of the cheaper above-ground option. Which means this may not have been the ideal moment to begin work on a $7 million renovation of its conference room. The agency also decided today to go with the cheaper plan for the Metro stop, even though it may mean fewer passengers ride the subway; got to have priorities when it comes to spending, after all. -3

Hands Off Our Monument: Bad enough that Congress can muck with the District’s local budget, keep us from spending local dollars just because federal lawmakers can’t agree on fiscal policy, and deny us a vote in the House or Senate. Now they’re coming for our memorials. The District of Columbia War Memorial, erected on the Mall after World War I, is tucked away near the federal monuments, and that means Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, thinks it ought to be federal, too. He’s sponsored legislation to establish a commission to look into building something else near the memorial “reflecting the national character” of the District’s spot on the Mall. The good news? Establishing a commission about something may be the fastest way to keep it from happening. -1

Beerball: The Washington Nationals spent $126 million signing Jayson Werth during the offseason. The team is suddenly playing its best ball in years. Unfortunately for Werth and the owners who shelled out to bring him, he’s got very little to do with their new success. Werth is hitting .212 for the season, a dismal average—but there’s good news for Nats fans, anyway. Duffy’s Irish Pub, near 9th and U streets NW, will sell 16-ounce cans of beer at variable prices this season depending on what Werth’s hitting. So right now, a PBR tall-boy will cost you only $2.12. Werth, for the record, could buy more than 59 million beers with the money from his contract at that price. +1

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