Nearly Record-Blasting: Sure, we’ve already established that the heat, humidity, sweat, and just about everything else related to this heatwave is too damn high. But D.C. can officially shoulder the burden of—or claim the bragging rights to—“the most extreme levels” of weather. The heat index at 2 p.m. was 119 degrees, and the temperature, forecast for 103 degrees, brings us very, very close to the record all-time high of 106 degrees, set in 1930. Blame the heat dome on the jet stream, which appears to be chilling too far north to push high-pressure heat systems like this one to the south. -2

Sad Numbers. The city’s Department of Employment Services released new data on jobs today. Unemployment is up a smidge—by 0.6 percent, bringing the total unemployment rate to 10.4 percent (it was 9.8 percent in May). Apparently, this is higher than unemployment numbers in the surrounding jurisdictions, as well as the the national average, which falls at 9.2 percent. Construction, financial services, and “other services” all lost jobs. -2

New Haven-Style Segways. Pete’s Apizza will start delivering orders from its Clarendon via Segway—because it’s really, really difficult to find parking in northern Virginia. The method could expand to Pete’s Columbia Heights and Friendship Heights locations in the future. If you’re unable to picture what pizza delivery on a Segway will actually look like—or think this is a totally untenable system—there’s a video to explain things. But even though reducing the number of cars on the road is always a noble goal, Pete’s looks lazy when matched up with Jimmy Johns, whose employees deliver subs via bike. +2

Changes Silver Spring’s Been Going Through: The Live Nation-owned Fillmore Silver Spring has secured its opening date—September 15—and a lineup, which will kick off with Mary J. Blige. The venue has faced plenty of trials and tribulations since it first announced its intent to open in 2007, but seems ready to go with a fairly variegated lineup. Also scheduled: Blondie, Cheap Trick, comedian Lewis Black, and Brightest Young Things’ Underground Rebel Bingo Night. And, perhaps most importantly, all shows are planned to wrap up early enough that concertgoers can catch the last Red Line train from the Silver Spring Metro station. +3

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