A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Squirreled Away: Following an extensive conversation about savage, vegetable-stealing critters, a member of the Chevy Chase email list has this follow-up question: “Yes, I saw the conversation re: tomatoes and squirrels (which is why I picked mine early..but they still got me once). My question was about the peppers. I picked too many and they are now limp. What should I do with them?”

The Running Shoes Were Too Good to Leave Behind: “Has anyone had a carry-on bag or a gym bag stolen recently?” asks a member of the Hill East email list. “We have found what appears to be a woman’s sports dress, a sweater and a quart-sized bag of make-up/hair products tossed in our front yard between our porch and our neighbor’s. No bag, just those three items. It probably got tossed there last night or some time today (Saturday).”

Too Hot for Yo-Yo Ma: Advertised for sale on the Cleveland Park email list is “a box set of all of Yo Yo Ma‘s works.” Says the seller, “The set consists of 90 CDs comprising all of Ma’s work through approximately 2009. My wife convinced me that, since I primarily am a jazz, rock and R&B fan, I don’t need the set. I got a great deal on the set and before I return it I thought I should see if anyone on the listserv is interested in purchasing it.”  The incredibly detailed posting continues, “I am sending the set back Monday unless someone on this list serve wants it. If interested, please contact me before Monday via email. I have zero interest in negotiating or ‘best offer’ discussions. (It’s too hot for all that back and forth, and I can return the set for a full refund.) But look at it this way, at $200 for 90 CDs and some of the greatest music of the last three decades, that’s about 2 bucks per disc.”

From My Kitchen to Your Compost: “Would anyone like fruit and vegetable scraps from a veggie household for your compost bin? Could drop off donations during daily dog walks in the neighborhood—how about the school garden just off Rock Creek Park? Do they take donations?” asks a member of the Columbia Heights email list. Presently, no one has accepted the donation.