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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

New Jack Petworth: On the MPD 4D email list, a concerned member writes, “I was at a corner store that doesn’t sell alcohol on Kennedy Street but sells questionable items. Are blunt papers ok to sell? Also, they were selling lighters that looked EXACTLY like crack pipes. I did a double take. No, I haven’t done crack but I’ve seen movies, i.e New Jack City. Anyway, they were also selling pills for men who have impotent issues. Basically, Viagra in a pill. Is that legal to sell? What was so disturbing is this was not in the back. These were ‘impulse’ items that were PROMINENTLY displayed at the register. Plus how often do undercover people, send in people to see if these stores would sell cigarettes and alcohol. Can we start making checks on things like this.” A few suggestions abound. One member writes, “Why not organize with MPD, ANC Commissioners, neighborhood associations and area churches in 4B and 4D to ask each store not to carry the objectionable items?” while another says, “But does anybody know who regulates these stores. I would go to AbRA but this particular store doesn’t sell alcohol. There has got to be an agency that regulates these types of businesses. Does anybody know?  And can MPD or someone set up something.” That poster continues, “I want an undercover  to go in the stores and try and buy some alcohol without an ID. I know I’ll get grief and crazy backlash  for this suggestion but we do have a lieutenant in 4d who looks real young and could pass for a 10th grader. He would be a great undercover decoy or something…”

Up and Coming: Frozen Tropics tackles varying coverage of H Street NE in the city’s major publications. The Washington Post‘s “is pretty good, but a little more context might help. At times the piece just reads like a list, and this isn’t helped by the proliferation of single sentence paragraphs. I’m also not sure I’d called Little Miss Whiskey’s ‘a part-Western-part-voodoo-themed bar.'” But The Examiner‘s doesn’t pass the test whatsoever. The blog calls out the article—”I won’t really dive into this one because it reads more like a Ward 5 listerv email that was written at 3am and fired off without a decent proofread”—and proceeds to list some of its factual inaccuracies. (Commenters, naturally, pile on, and InShaw weighs in.)

Chevy Cash: “We found some cash on Broad Branch (near the intersection with Legation) this morning while walking the dog. It was accompanied by a receipt from a local store and looked like it probably fell out of someone’s pocket,” writes one member of the Chevy Chase email list. “We’re happy to return to the rightful owner if someone can provide any identifying details. Rough dollar amount or details of the receipt (store, item, time, etc.) will suffice.”

Cleveland Park, ISO: Members of the Cleveland Park email list are on the hunt for the following: “seamstress to make slipcovers for glider,” “2 bedroom apartment,” “soccer cleats, shin guards-children’s size 2.5 and 3,” “room to rent,” “plumber,” “where develop film?” and “tennis classes or program for 10 and 7 year olds.” In return, quite a few things are available for free for for sale: “bookcase; dining room table,” “Wollensak reel-to-reel tape recorder,” “baby gear in great condition,” “two twin beds,” and “moving boxes.”