Donovan the Viking: He arrived from Philadelphia amid so much hope and excitement. And then: A belly flop. Are we talking about Jayson Werth? No, silly—Donovan McNabb! The Redskins appear close to a deal to send last year’s franchise savior to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for a pair of sixth-round draft picks. We might settle for seventh-rounders if the Twins could take Werth as part of the bargain. +2

Walter Reed Joins the Navy: A sword that once belonged to Army physician Walter Reed—the guy who discovered that yellow fever was mosquito-borne—was officially handed by an Army general to a Navy admiral, symbolizing the official close of the century-old Georgia Avenue military hospital, and its partial transfer to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda. Meanwhile, D.C. and the State Department may split the old campus, with plans for a supermarket and an embassy enclave among those under consideration. It’s unclear whether Wegman’s employees or foreign diplomats would ever get access to Dr. Reed’s old sword. -1

Amnesty for Illegals: Illegal parkers, that is. D.C.’s Department of Motor Vehicles announced plans for an amnesty for ticket scofflaws: Folks with unpaid tickets written before this year canavoid penalties or points if they pay up in the next six months. There are more than 4 million unpaid tickets out there, totaling $245.7 million. Half of that is owed by drivers from Maryland or Virginia. +1

Bikeshare of the Now: 32 new Capital Bikeshare stations—that’s 265 bikes—will soon grace D.C.’s neighborhoods. About a year after its inauguration, the popular system is expanding to accommodate demands from its users. And, bonus: 18 high-traffic stations that are frequently completely empty or full (“dockblocked”) will get some relief with additional docks. A statement from DDOT Director Terry Bellamy boasts that this will “expand the program’s capacity by 22 percent in the downtown area, by 80 percent in our East of the River operations and by an average of 38 percent throughout each of the additional Wards.” +3

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