A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

There’s More Than One Way: The Chevy Chase email list has the answer to all your cat skincare needs. An email titled “Need Dermatologist for Cat” offers the following problems: “Our cat has some hair missing on both of her ears. Our vet Dr. Pearl gave her some ointment but said if it did not go away he was stumped. And it has not gone away.” Suggestions include holistic vets, possible emotional issues, and a change in diet. Writes a list member, “I recently started ordering raw (frozen) meat cat food in bulk online. I am not saying that this is the way to go bec I am not an expert. Could be that your kitty has a food allergy?”

Your Ride Knight: Apropros of nothing in particular, a Crestwood resident offers his services as a passenger to the neighborhood email list. “I am available for future rides to anywhere. I have lived here in crestwood for a love time.”

R.S.V.P  Not Required: For a successful Columbia Heights dog day event, one respondent on the Ward 1 email list offers the following advice: “Please ask the police not to come with any guns.  Please ask dog owners to keep their pets at home.  Please publicize the benefits of spaying and neutering and how residents can get these services at low cost.” After last year’s incident in Adam’s Morgan where a dog was shot and killed, it seems that some would rather not leave anything to chance.

Park It Here: Operation Adams Morgan continues to invoke a lot of ire. For once, the problem with the proposed  plan to clean up the 18th Street nightlife (vomit alley?) didn’t begin between business owners and community leaders. Instead, MPD’s decision not to limit parking on weekend nights has inspired business owners and members of the community to disagree. While most businesses seem OK with the decision, community members are unhappy. Not everyone disagrees though, as one business owner writes, “Will you let us know what was behind the decision to abandon the parking enforcement? The majority of the business owners are hoping to have it reinstated at the 11:00 hour. ” Progress!