‘HFS, Back On The Air: Nostalgia cycles move ever faster these days, so it’s no surprise that we’re currently living through a full-blown ’90s revival period. (If only the economy would follow suit.) Which means the news that WHFS is returning to over-the-air broadcast was probably inevitable. It’ll be on 97.5 FM out of Baltimore, not 99.1 in Annapolis (which is still El Zol, siempre de fiesta), but a focus on ’90s alternative rock will surely have listeners expecting to hear Johnny Riggs, The Weasel, and Damian Einstein between Smashing Pumpkins hits. Instead, they’ll have to settle for Gina Crash and Dr. Drew‘s syndicated Lovelines. +2

The Donald Haunts Us Still: The rest of the country has blessedly forgotten all about Donald Trump and the ludicrous idea that he might one day run for the White House; President Barack Obama‘s combo punch in May (release birth certificate, mock Trump at black-tie dinner, announce Osama bin Laden‘s death) pretty much sent him packing. Here in the District, though, we’re not so lucky. Trump’s team is still nosing around the Old Post Office Pavilion, hoping to turn it into a luxury hotel with a spa and a museum (run, as earlier reported, by Ivanka Trump, The Donald’s daughter). No word on whether the museum would be a museum of Trumpiana. -1

Five Guys And Counting: Recalling the days when getting a Five Guys burger required any special effort to find an outlet is harder and harder. The chain expanded out of its northern Virginia home base the way Ernest Hemingway once described going broke: Slowly, then all at once. Not that anyone’s worried about the burger joint going broke any time soon. Word now is that it’s the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the nation, according to Stores Magazine‘s annual “Hot 100” list. Coincidentally, its patrons are also some of the fastest-growing people in the country. +2

Now Officially Myopic: Getting Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy on Twitter took a few stages. First, there was the “bash the people on this thing” stage. Then, the “take a mandatory class on social media at the Post” stage. But by Friday afternoon, the “is this thing on?” stage had officially begun, as Milloy broadcast a call for followers. Sign up, you won’t be disappointed. +2

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