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Don’t Get Mad, Get Even: YouTube is already good for bringing fame and fortune to people, whether they deserve it or not. Now an Arlington man is hoping it’s good for bringing justice, too. After someone took a TV he’d ordered online off his porch, Rob Richards posted surveillance video of the delivery and the heist on the Internet. Police say they’re not sure how helpful it’ll be, but at least the score—”The Blue Danube”—makes for relaxing viewing. +1

Rush Hour Baby: Study after study brings dismal news about D.C. traffic. It’s bad; we get it. Just how bad, though, is really only fully realized when some unfortunate woman can’t even get through the logjams to deliver a baby. It happened again this morning, around 6:30 a.m., near the intersection of Florida and New York avenues. A 911 dispatcher coached the new mother through birth. No word on whether the baby is to be named Dave Thomas, in honor of the Wendy’s that dominates the intersection. +2

Oh Chompie, Why Have You Forsaken Us?: When Discovery executives announced there would not, in fact, be an inflatable shark gracing downtown Silver Spring this year for Shark Week, there was much gnashing of teeth in the area. (Happily, those teeth were mostly of the human, not giant shark, variety.) But only now is there an explanation for the absence of Chompie: The weather got to him. Which means there’s really not much difference between giant inflatable sharks and the rest of us in the D.C. area, is there? -1

Don’t Throw That Out!: Don’t be surprised if retail employees start watching to see what you bring into a store, not just to make sure you haven’t taken anything out. Several stores are complaining that they’ve been hit with fines of up to $200 for stuff customers threw out—from recycling in a trash can, to a couch by the dumpster, to other violations of the trash rules. Remember: You throw it out, you bought it. -1

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