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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Not the Bees! Not the…Oh, Wait, They Aren’t Bees:As previously noted, Chevy Chase parents have voiced concerns about a proliferation of bees terrorizing their toddlers at a sandbox in Lafayette Park. But one reader on the neighborhood email list says the situation could be even more dire than they thought: “the problem in the sandbox is wasps burrowing into the sand and then emerging to buzz around in a menacing manner and, as pointed out in a previous post, stinging nearby children/adults. IMHO they need to be removed by someone knowledgeable in such matters. Until that happens, the sandbox is unusable.” Indeed, another reader posits that the strategic ambushers aren’t bees at all but “cicada-eating wasps,” and that “the appropriate oversight agency had been notified & [is] planning to investigate.”

Can’t Argue with a Camera, Can You?: ANC 3C Commissioner Nancy MacWood warns unknowing Cleveland Park drivers about an unsympathetic traffic camera: “The sign prohibiting right-on-red from Connecticut Avenue southbound to Porter Street westbound is missing. Some drivers are unaware that right-on-red is not allowed and when they make the turn the red light camera is photographing them and tickets are being issued. DDOT is aware that sign must be replaced but in meantime please be aware that there is no right-on-red at this intersection.”

Burglars Don’t Keep the Girly Stuff, Right?: “Maggie” has a request for her neighbors on the Hill East email list: “My friend’s apartment at 10th and South Carolina SE was broken into yesterday sometime during the day. The thief took some electronics (we’re not expecting to see those again) along with a few other things that we’re thinking won’t be of any value to him and likely stuffed everything inside a tote bag. If anyone is in the area and happens to find a large tote bag with pink embroidered initials, a plastic garment bag with a dress inside, an empty jewelry box, or all of the above, please let me know.”

Well-Dressed Puppies in Trouble: Someone on the canine-centric Hill Hounds email list is despondent over a dog that went missing on June 14, but waited to reach out to neighbors until yesterday morning: “She was lost around the Capitol Hill Area in SE, DC. She was wearing a yellow juicy couture collar. She is a small black and grey Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix. Her hair was trimmed when she went missing, but it probably has grown out by now. She is also a very frendly [sic] dog. Please help me find her. There is a reward for her return and it would be GREATLY appreciated.”