The Great Dan Steinberg is among those who’ve weighed in on Rex Grossman‘s current tonnage.

Plainly, Grossman is half the man he was when he took the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl, plus the man he was when he took the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl!

He may have been locked out from the team’s weight room, but here’s betting access to the neighborhood Dairy Queen went unimpeded.

This alleged master of Shanahan Jr.’s hurry-up offense looks like he instead worked on Kobayashi’s two-minute drill all offseason.

The Redskins official roster lists Grossman at 225 lbs.

Would somebody please buy me that scale for my birthday? 225 lbs? On the moon, maybe. His new chest protector better have D-cups.

As Steinberg points out, there’s been a lot of chatter about Grossman’s girth. But, as the post indicates and from everything I’ve read and heard (and typed) so far, the tone of the “Grossman’s Fat!” story has been largely lighthearted.

Would RedskinsLand be filled with attempted punchlines if that paunch belonged to Donovan McNabb?

Why o why is Grossman’s gut different?