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Singletown U.S.A.: People complain enough about dating in D.C. that new statistics are enough to make you wonder whether anyone anywhere in the nation is having any luck—the District turns out to have the most favorable ratio of women to men (for women) anywhere in the country, and it’s been rated in the top 10 cities for single men and women by a Rent.com survey. Apparently a low divorce rate worked in the District’s favor in the rankings, though it’s not clear how that actually helps single people find partners. +2

Go Take A Walk: And now, time for another installment of arbitrary national rankings! (Besides the installment above, that is.) Today’s edition comes courtesy of Walk Score, which ranked the District the seventh-most-walkable city in the nation. New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, and Philadelphia beat us. No city, not even New York, got the highest possible rating in the scores. Time for some grade inflation? +2

And The Heat Goes On: Weather records are falling so fast lately, it’s barely even worth writing them down. No new record was set today here, but with a high of over 90, it became the 43rd such day of the summer—which already puts 2011 in the top 20 percent of hottest summers by that mark, and leaves the current year only six 90+ days from breaking the record of 49, set… last summer. Tomorrow’s expected to be over 90, too. Climate change sure is delightful! -3

Strasburgmania II: It’s not every day that a Hagerstown Suns game makes the front page of The Washington Post; after all, the team plays in the lowest rung of the minor leagues, A ball, and its stadium is 66 miles from downtown D.C. But when Stephen Strasburg shows up at Municipal Stadium to pitch his first competitive game since last summer’s elbow surgery, it’s news—and not just because, it being August, there’s not much else going on. The Nationals star only faced eight batters, going less than two innings in his first rehab start; his fastball was clocked at over 96 miles per hour, though, which is a good sign. So far, at least, there’s no Strasburg Suns memorabilia showing up on eBay. +2

Friday’s Needle rating: 53 Today’s score: +3 Today’s Needle rating: 56