A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Take a Sip: Shepherd Park residents had a chance to cool off from the heat with a good old-fashioned lemonade stand, advertised on the community’s email list Monday morning. Impressively (and enigmatically), the lemonade was to have been made by “master lemonade makers.” Though as hot as it has been, all anyone can taste is their teeth melting.

Walk This Way: Pedestrians in Columbia Heights are up in arms over the “increasingly dangerous” situation of bicyclists riding on sidewalks. The main issue seems to be the speed of bicyclists, with several emails from the neighborhood email list suggesting a 3 or 4 mph speed limit for bikes on the sidewalk. One resident however, doesn’t hold a lot of hope for the situation, saying “You can’t regulate morality and you damn sure can’t regulate common decency. Speed limits for bikes would be observed about as much as littering laws.” Presently, no one has yet suggested fighting for better bike infrastructure on the roads to entice riders off the sidewalks entirely.

Wanna Take a Ride?: After the demise of the Greyhound station in Northeast D.C., Greyhound buses have found a new home at nearby Union Station. According to The 42 Bus, Greyhound, along with Bolt Bus and Megabus, will depart from and arrive at Union Station, giving commuters just a little bit of shelter from the elements. Where will we get our bus stop horror stories now?

Get Dirty: A member of the Chevy Chase email list is offering free dirt. He writes, “You shovel and take as much or as little away.” There is a phone number to arrange “time and location of dirt.”