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Were Lexus Lanes at FedExField entrances a flop?

More apparent evidence of ticket-selling desperation from the folks in Ashburn: Management appears to have actually started acknowledging that the game-day experience matters!

No, really!

Yesterday over at, the Redskins-owned message board, a poster wrote about being solicited to buy premium seats via email and snail mail.

According to the poster, the Redskins latest sales pitch includes a promise that the following “enhancements” will be made to FedExField operations in the 2011 season:

  • Addition of more ticket takers, supervisors, ushers, and other staff to get you into the stadium more quickly
  • All restrooms will now have attendants throughout the game
  • Complimentary Redskins FanVision handheld devices to view replays, fantasy football updates, and scores from around the League

Delivering on all these fronts would mean a sea change for the fans.

More ticket takers? Guess that means the $100 FLO Pass, a sort of Lexus Lane for ticketholders that let holders jump the crazy lines at all stadium entrances, was a bust?

Attendants in every rest room? But, but, but… No more beer in the bathrooms!

Complimentary handheld devices to check scores? So whatever happened to the Kangaroo TV rentals for $39.95 a game???

I swear, I don’t even know this organization any more!