Folk heroes deserve folk songs!

And Gary Mays deserves folk hero status more than anybody I’ve ever met.

So now we have “The Amazing Gary Mays,” a tune based on the amazing life story of Mays, my hero and friend and one of the greatest athletes this city ever produced.

The song was written by Philadelphia-area folkie Erik Balkey and sung by Jud Caswell, a Brunswick, Maine-based performer.

It’s scheduled to appear on Diamond Cuts, Vol. 12: It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over, the next release from Hungry for Music Records.

The label, founded by local goodnick Jeff Campbell, has been known to put out sports-themed song collections and use the profits to fund music instrument donation programs.

So listen now and buy later!

And when are the book and the movie about Gary Mays coming out, anyway?[audio:]