A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

The Shallow End: The Tenleytown email list continues its pontification on the length of the lanes at the Wilson Pool. One member, after reading a post that “gave me one of those forehead-slapping moments,” tries her own hand at giving the rest of the list a revelation: “I have been in the chaotic 25m lanes…described but not understood that it is because of the effect of short lanes on passing space and flip turns. Very interesting! In the same vein, here is a thought exercise for those lap swimmers/potential lap swimmers who think they would prefer 25m configuration: Imagine coming to the pool to swim laps and seeing the 50m setup and not the 25m you had hoped for. Discouraging? Now imagine being told that though the lanes are long, the entire pool is only 4ft deep. Is this now the pool you want? Would you trade it for 25m configuration entirely in deep water? Is the real issue not the length of the lanes but the depth of the water?” She continues, “If this imaginary 4ft pool solves the problem, then almost all of the fussing about this issue is because of desire for the small bit of real estate that is the shallow end of the large pool. I strongly believe that configuring the pool for 25m will result in a shallow end used by far too many people and lanes in the deeper water that make no one happy.”

Tag-Teaming the Tulips? Good-for-nothing plant snatchers aren’t exclusive to upper Northwest! “Just wanted to alert people that the plant thieves came back.  It was July 15 the first time I had plants stolen from my front porch. And now this morning we discovered three more stolen,” writes one member of the Petworth email list. “The size of the plants and planters taken would require more than one person or a person with a vehicle. The largest hanging basket taken required me to use a ladder to hang and I’m a tall person. Neighbors of either side of me have NOT had any plants taken so I’m very concerned that I am being targeted. Last time I didn’t file a police report, this time I am.”

Nine Drawers of Wonder: A post advertising “Free stuff curbside” on the New Hill East email list promotes the following: “Hodge-podge of free stuff. Ceramic pieces, cups, glass vases, a cute stuffed reindeer for Xmas decoration, paint set, small chest 12″ w, with nine little drawers, etc. Please put things back in the box if you take them out.”

Cleveland Park, ISO: Meanwhile, on the Cleveland Park email list, a member seeks a tabletop scroll saw: “I am looking to purchase a scroll saw for some intricate wood cutting projects. I need a tabletop version and would prefer a two or more speed saw.” No intricacies of the, er, intricate wood-cutting projects were offered.